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Plan of Auschwitz Crematorium II

by Arthur R. Butz
Crematory 2 at Birkenau

Plan of Auschwitz Crematorium II

  1. Leichenkeller 1. Below ground level morgue.
  2. Leichenkeller 2. Below ground level morgue.
  3. Leichenkeller 3. Below ground level morgue.
  4. Furnace room. Ground level only. 15 cremation muffles.
  5. Corpse elevator. Only the small central part of the building, where the furnace room joined Leichenkeller 1 and 2, had two levels.
  6. Corpse chute.
  7. Cellar entrance.
  8. Cellar entrance.
  9. Ground level entrance.
  10. Chimney and waste incinerator.
  11. Supervisor’s office, worker rest room, toilet, shower, tools, urn storage, fuel (coke) storage.

Created 6 November 1996.

Last modified 6 November 1996.

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