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The Hoax of the Twentieth Century


1 U.S. total population
2 U.S. Jewish population
3 Eastern European Jewish population (est.)
4 NMT Trials
5 Concentration camp inmate insignia
6 Death Cases in the Concentration Camps, July 1942 to June 1943
7 Death cases in the concentration camps for the month of August 1943
8 Numbers of resettled Jews
9 Palestine population
10 U.S. Government immigration data
11 Immigration totals by continent
12 SS ranks and their approximate U.S. Army equivalents
13 Men transported from Westerbork in July and August 1942
14 Women transported from Westerbork in July and August 1942
15 Total deportations from Westorbork, July-August 1942
16 Birkenau registration number assignments, July 1942
17 Birkenau registration number assignments, August 1942
18 Recorded deaths in the Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachau camps
19 Number of projected muffles per thousand recorded deaths